Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Different Types of Every Door Direct Mail and Their Uses

Are you planning for EDDM printing? It’s true that Every Door Direct Mail are one of the best tools for direct marketing. However, choosing the right product for your business is very important. There are many types and sizes of such tools available in the market. Choosing the right option is half the battle won! Given below is a short list of different types of Every Door Direct Mail available in the market:

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)
Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)

Every Door Direct Mail for Announcements or Baronial

These are also known as A-series Every Door Direct Mail. If you want to announce something important or want to provide some important information to clients and business partners, these are the common types of Every Door Direct Mail that companies use. The Every Door Direct Mail that are specially designed for announcements are of two major types – deep pointed flaps with diagonal seams and deep square flaps with two side seams.

Sending Catalogs and Booklets

If you need to send booklets and catalogs to your customers and business partners, you can use Every Door Direct Mail that are specially designed for the purpose. These are available in two distinct styles – open side booklet and open end catalog. The open end catalog Every Door Direct Mail are open on the short dimensions whereas the open side booklets are open on long dimensions. Both these two types of Every Door Direct Mail have heavily gummed flaps or utilize different sealing techniques to protect contents present inside.

Dual purpose Every Door Direct Mail

These are pastel colored or white wove sulphate Every Door Direct Mail. They are created with two side seams and a traditional re-moistening seal. They are generally used for remittance or ordering purposes.

Increase Response Rates with Every Door Direct Mail

Direct mail can reach wide range of people at an affordable price which is the most cost-effective and is used widely as the tool in advertising and marketing campaigns. But, there has been a steady decrease over the past few couple of years in response rates for direct mail. The important reason for this is the large majority of direct mail pieces which are sent to the postcards or any other type of printed items which require no interaction from your recipient. They can just look at the piece and move on.

  • Postcards can be effective in direct mail which is not the best piece to use. When you are selling something which is high-end which requires personalized touch, then the letter or brochure is best for your needs. If you simply seal on the letter or brochure, you have to insert in the EDDM. This gives the piece quite professional appearance. With advancements in EDDM printing, you can add EDDM to direct mail piece which can be done without adding an additional cost to the project. When your recipient will open an EDDM, then the return on investment will weigh as an additional cost.
  • It’s an excellent idea to think beyond the standard business Every Door Direct Mail. Most of the businesses send statements and invoices in sized Every Door Direct Mail which are different than the normal will improve the chances of the response rates. There are several pre-made, standard, EDDM sizes which will be prove beneficial for your business.
  • Moreover, full color EDDM printing can be used for direct mail pieces. This will make the little piece extraordinary than the other pieces that your recipient receives. It will also convey professionalism. You have to select the right size EDDM in order to fit your requirements.
  • You must view a diagram and a list of the standard styles and sizes of Every Door Direct Mail which you offer. If the size of the EDDM is not listed, then you have to make your Every Door Direct Mail customized in order to meet your exact demands. You must go for high-quality EDDM printing which can sell your full-color EDDM printing in order to convey a powerful message.

Lined Every Door Direct Mail

Simple white colored Every Door Direct Mail can be often used in order to send invitations or letters and the lined Every Door Direct Mail is a better alternative. The lined Every Door Direct Mail are the Every Door Direct Mail that have attractive attributes and are available in different shades. These Every Door Direct Mail surround several components that are imprinted with gorgeous styles and designs and are produced for mailing astonishing and heartwarming mails. Majority of liners are found in the flaps and is usually plastered or imprinted onto it. So, when you open the EDDM, you will come across a beautiful liner inside it.

Every Door Direct Mail that come with beautiful liners are perfect for use for wedding invitations. You can beautify these Every Door Direct Mail with different kind of liners for which you have to believe are ideal for celebration theme. For instance, when you are working on wedding invitation, then you can add white laces, stylish and attractive images on Every Door Direct Mail and flaps.

Though the wedding invitations appear as the trivial component when compared with the other preparations, the invitations are mailed out to family and friends which can echo the candor and boost your wedding party. This type of EDDM is available in various designs and designs and it can decide exactly how you can create the invitations which are exclusive and unique.

Dimension of the Liners

Lining of the Every Door Direct Mail has turned out to be the most popular trend for individuals who send invitations or letters. Designing Every Door Direct Mail by using different types of liners is the best method in order to customize your letter and reveal the unique style. You can select certain images or designs that will fit your character and go well with the taste of the receiver. These Every Door Direct Mail with the white laces and silver linings work well and must be mailed out for wedding invitations, where the floral designs or radiant colors are ideal for mailing invitations for birthday celebration.

Some of the important factors that must be considered are to involve the dimensions of the liners and the style of Every Door Direct Mail. The proper dimensions of the liners are required for various Every Door Direct Mail. You will also come across European flap Every Door Direct Mail and also the baronial Every Door Direct Mail. You can place the liners yourself and also the sized and shapes of the flaps of san EDDM. Additionally, Every Door Direct Mail which have exterior lined though such designs can be unusual.


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